Little big girl.
Better photo of this sweet butt Benji  (at Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA)

Benji is a 1 year old German Shepard Shar Pei - good with other dogs and kids, no cats. He’s a sweetheart 😚 (at Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA)

Anonymous asked:
Stop forcing your beliefs on people, it's their fucking body so you shouldn't care what they put in it. Stop being a prick


haha wow isnt it a great concept to think that everyone has the right to their own bodies??? and maybe that they, oh i dont know, shouldnt be crammed into little cages and stalls and have things that their bodies make taken from them or have their bodies eaten??

Im glad we can agree on something

My client has naturally long pin straight hair that she never does anything with because it’s so much work, so I cut off 3 inches and styled her in a way she’d still feel natural 💕🌾 (at Shear Reflections Hair & Nail Salon)